DMS Technologies to keep the power behind VrDMotorsport

The Varley Red Top Motorsport Battery Range from DMS technologies has been the PREMIER choice for the professional and club racing driver for some 60 years and the batteries have evolved over time to meet the changing demands of both motor racing or rally disciplines. The qualities of their compact size. Lower weight and good cranking power made the batteries equally popular in the aviation sector too.

At VrDMotorsport we have been running numerous vehicles  over the past 10 years and only the Varley Red Top Range of batteries has ever been in consideration. For this reason alone we are please to announce our continued partnership with DMS Technologies and will be running the Varley Red Top VRT25 Battery on the Rheila Golf for Goodwood Fesitval of Speed and beyond!

For over 50 years, the name “Varley” has been associated with high performance batteries, manufactured for use in extreme situations. The brand name became popular in the 1950’s when supplied to the Royal Air Force for use in their fighter aircraft. “Varley” batteries first went supersonic in 1956 on a Fairey Delta 2.  This was also the first aircraft to break 1000mph, flown by Lt Cdr Peter Twiss at 1132mph in straight & level flight on March 10th 1956.

Historically, “Varley” batteries were constructed using “Fuller’s earth” to absorb the electrolyte, making the batteries effectively dry. This increased the product’s safety, vibration resistance and also allowed the battery to be used in any orientation. All of these are important requirements for aircraft applications, and just like many other technologies (such as carbon fibre), the aviation industry led the way for motorsport.

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