Rushby will take this fight to the Mountain after a difficult Anglesey Moto Super-Prix 2016.

Round 7 of the Thundersport GB Elite Championship took the picturesque backdrop of the Northwest Wales Coastline last weekend. Anglesey took home to the Moto Super-Prix 2016 as an action packed weekend of some of the most talented up and coming riders would battle, wheel to wheel over 3 races covering the full weekend.


Jordan would head to this 1.5mile coastal circuit having lost the championship round to his rival Charlie Morris in the previous race meeting. Confidence in the camp was high with Jordan celebrating his birthday to also make the mood in the camp as high as it could be. What could go wrong?

Track Layout


Jordan would take his Yamaha out in the usual format and build his pace on this complex circuit of fast long corners followed by the complex corkscrew long chicane that gives this track shades of similarities to the home of British Motorsport, Silverstone.

All the preparation and good feeling was drained very quickly as there was a clear issue from the Bikes Gearbox that held back Jordans potential.

Trying as hard as he could, Jordan would not be able to match the times of his rivals. With the gearbox selecting Neutral randomly he could not build full qualifying pace into the flying sections of the circuit and the feeling on the bike would not be safe enough for Jordan to push on.

The fastest of Jordans times would see him sit an unusual 16th in the classification and way down on those he had to beat that weekend.

Qualifying Result

Race 1

Starting P16 Jordan did not know how his Yamaha R6 would perform during the race but his confidence remained high, his focus was strong and he would give it everything he could.

Grid for Race 1

Jordan would make his usual lightening start and by the end of Lap 1 he would cross the line in P9. The lap times were closing on the lead group and he continued to push on finishing the second lap in P8.

As Jordan continued to push his bike as far as he could, it would not return the feeling he was used to. There was something holding the bike back, the gearbox seemed to be the likely cause. With that said he would continue with a consistent set of lap times and manage to squeeze into P7 as he crossed the line on Lap 7.

Thundersport GB August 2016, -
Thundersport GB August 2016,

P7 would be the highest position he could hold until disaster struck as Lap 11 would see the Gearbox become unmanageable. Dropping to P12 for the remaining laps before the final lap would see a complete failure of the gearing, jamming in 3rd gear, but Jordan would remain in position to collect some valuable points at least.

Jordan would look on as the podium riders collected their trophies. Will White and Aaron Clifford took 2nd and 3rd place on this first race meaning that Jordan would not only be trying to regain top spot in the championship but also trying to ensure that these two would remain 3rd and 4th in the points table with the gap dwindling.

Race 1 Results of the championship challengers:

Morris P7
Rushby P12
White P3
Clifford P2

On returning to the paddock the bike was checked over and the worst news was confirmed. It would be too far gone to compete and there would be no option but to see this race and birthday weekend end at that moment.

Surely this run of bad luck was now at its peak?


Sometimes in Motorsport a weekend can be so cruel, it may be bad luck or just an inevitable set of circumstances that are out of your control which would define the season ahead.

Jordan had gave his all, on his Birthday, in Qualifying and in Race 1 but his bike would not be fit to race on with minimal spares and only a nighttime to repair.

Proving that there is a real family connection within the Thundersport Paddock, enter Ian and Brendan Mallinder to offer an incredible lifeline that would kickstart the fightback in Wales.

They had brought with them their spare Yamaha R6, which was listed for sale for the rest of the season. A conversation and plan was formed and Jordan would see the weekend out on a this bike with the challenge of setting it up to his race style left to Nige whilst the birthday celebrations began that evening.

Thundersport GB August 2016, -
Thundersport GB August 2016,

As best as could be, Nigel would complete the set up on this new bike and would go on to pass on his thanks to such a great family for helping Jordan in his quest for the championship…

“After having problems with Jordan’s bike on Sunday (his birthday) and then eventually in the race gearbox jammed in 3rd gear, putting us out for the rest of the weekend. Ian Mallinder and Brendan Mallinder leant Jordan their spare R6 that they had up for sale for the rest of the season. We are so lucky to have such a good race family and this is what makes the Thundersport GB paddock a very special place to be. Cheers guys #6TEAMMALLY”

Race 2 – A New Bike on this Bank Holiday Monday but the race was on.

Thanks to Jordans early pace the previous day his Mega Laps times where within the top ten and he would be starting both races in P9. Crucially ahead of his main rival Morris.

Race 2 & 3 Grid

Jordan would jump into P8 from the second lap and hold on to this new bike he was finding his form on. The straight line speed was superior to his own machine but the handling around corners was a very different experience that would take time to get to grips with.

Thundersport GB August 2016, -
Thundersport GB August 2016,

This race would see an incredible battle ensue for the remaining laps with Jordan and, ironically, the team which helped the race weekend continue. For the next 12 laps Jordan would go toe to toe with Mallinder, but on this occasion Rushby would win eventually emerge victorious.

Thundersport GB August 2016, -
Thundersport GB August 2016, –

Race 2 Results of the championship challengers:

Morris P7
Rushby P8
White N/A
Clifford P4

Race 3 – Damage Limitation.

Starting P9 once again, the different feeling of this bike would take its toll. An early battle with Mallinder would resurface but Jordan would drop down the order to eventually finish of P12 but crucially picking up 4 points where main rival Morris would not complete the first lap scoring nil on this occasion.

Thundersport GB August 2016, -
Thundersport GB August 2016,

Race 3 Results of the championship challengers:

Morris DNF Lap 1
Rushby P12
White N/A
Clifford P1

Looking Forward

Thundersport GB August 2016, -
Thundersport GB August 2016,

A week has passed since a troublesome Anglesey race weekend has made this championship push that little bit more difficult. It was never going to be easy, these riders are a group of the most talented young competitors this country has to offer. He who sits at the top of the helm, by the final King of the Mountain race at Cadwell Park next month, will be a worthy winner.

The points are close and anyone from the top 6 will still be able to take the title mathematically.

Championship Table

In reality Jordan will take Morris all the way to the final round and give everything he has to emerge victorious in whats been an epic battle throughout the year.

Thundersport GB August 2016, -
Thundersport GB August 2016,

What is also guaranteed is that this is no two horse race. The in-form pair of Will White (P3) and Aaron Clifford (P4) will be charging full throttle at the penultimate round at Donington, later this month, to ensure this will be a four way battle to be crowned King of the Mountain and Champion 2016.

Donington will be a full weekend event and our home race weekend so we will all be out in force to support Jordan, we hope you will all be there too. This is a team effort and all of those who have supported us during this year have played a huge part in allowing Jordan to get to within 15 points of the Championship with so much to still play for. We thank each and every one of Jordans supporters so far, your words have been incredible.

Thundersport GB August 2016, -
Thundersport GB August 2016, –

As usual we would like to thank all of our sponsors and team for making this possible. We are lucky to be supported by some great national companies, who offer financial backing for our racing costs throughout the 2016 season. To all these companies we can not thank you enough for contributing to Jordan’s future progress, and we hope you all feel part of our racing team.

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-Photo Credits in this article go to the incredibly talented photographer Colin Port of Colin Port Images.

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